Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK have a wide range of resources and services to support people living with diabetes and  healthcare professionals

  • Local Support Groups  provide an opportunity for people with diabetes to access local diabetes peer support. 

  • Our  Support Forum is a space where people with diabetes, and their families and carers, can exchange knowledge and experiences online. 

  • Learning Zone, is an award-winning, interactive tool to help educate and support people with diabetes. Combining evidence-based medical advice with real patient experiences, it delivers a unique learning experience that complements structured diabetes education. Clinically approved and endorsed by experts – you can log in as a healthcare professional to see what your patients will see.   

  • Our Online Shop which includes free resources for people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals. 

  • For further information and support, your patients can get in touch with the Diabetes UK helpline:  

  • Telephone: 0345 123 2399, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm  

  • Email:  

  • If you're in Scotland:  

  • Telephone: 0141 212 8710, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.   

  • Email: 

Keep reading this page for different resources from Diabetes UK, and other organisations, that are applicable to the different topics covered in the Type 2 Diabetes Remission Module.

How can type 2 diabetes be put into remission?

Understanding determinants of health and behaviour change

  • Language Matters: Obesity - a resource to help educate healthcare professionals around having conversations with people living with obesity.
  • NHS England Language Matters: Language and diabetes - This guide provides practical examples of language that will encourage positive interactions with people living with diabetes and subsequently positive outcomes.
  • Making Every Contact Count - elearning for healthcare  - an elearning programme, designed to support you in developing an understanding of public health and the factors that impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. It focuses on the importance of questions and listening effectively and aims to increase your confidence to deliver health and wellbeing messages to help encourage people to change their behaviour.  
  • Behaviour Change Literacy for Individuals and Workforce Leaders - elearning for healthcare - This elearning programme will explore the role of behaviour change in promoting positive health behaviours and identify the skills and techniques that can be used to create an environment in which behaviour change will flourish.
  • RSPH | RSPH Learn | Introduction to Behaviour Change - This online course, which is free to Royal Society for Public Health members, will provide you with the information and skills you need to have conversations with people in order to help them make healthier decisions, but the principles can be applied to any conversation about any change. 

Routes to remission


Referral Pathways

Maintaining Remission